13 Best Vitamin C Supplement In India

best vitamin to boost immune system

Do you get sick more often than others? Do you feel unwell on climate change? Generally speaking, you may have a  weaker immunity. We have reviewed the Best vitamin C Supplement which is known to boost immune system along with other benefits but let us understand why immunity is so important.

Immunity or the immune system of our body helps us to fight against attacks from bacteria, viruses, parasites, and more. It is our immune system that keeps us healthy as we drift through a sea of pathogens and it is important for our survival.

We are born with some level of immunity and some are developed as we grow. In some cases, we get it in the form of medicines or antibodies.
During the course of life, we need to maintain, develop, and grow our immunity for a better and healthy life.

The best way is to have a balanced healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle.

In today’s world, most of us ignored or are not able to maintain a healthy diet where we can get all the required nutrition to form the food itself. Here we try to cover the nutrition difficult trough dietary supplements and the biggest challenge is which one.

We have reviewed selected these 13 Best Vitamin C Supplement in India.

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13 Best Vitamin C Supplement

KIFER Healthgram 

Vitamin C 500mg Vitamin D3 400 I.U Zinc 7.5mg Chewable Tablets Best for Immunity, Antioxidant, Skincare, Face – 100 Orange Flavour Tabs


Boldfit Vitamin C Complex 

1000mg tablets with Amla & Zinc For Immunity Support for adults, Antioxidant Supplement & Supports Collagen For Hair, Skin, Nails & Joints (60 Tablets)


Eucee Vitamin C 

Chewable Tablets 500 mg-Immunity-antioxidant-skincare(120 tablets) (Orange)

Fast&Up Charge 

 Vitamin C antioxidant 1000 mg – Natural Amla for Immunity – 60 Effervescent Tablets – Orange

Bigmuscles Nutrition Natural 

Vitamin C & Zinc Tablets 1000 mg, Immunity, Antioxidant, Skincare (60 tablets) Orange Flavour, Vegan & Keto Friendly,

Naturyz Double Strength Natural Vitamin C & Zinc Supplement 1250 mg with Amla, Acerola Cherry, Citrus Bioflavonoids for Immunity

Nutrazee Complete Multivitamin Vegetarian Gummies for Kids, Teenagers, Men, Women, Adults With Essential Vitamins For Growth, Development 

Himalayan Organics 

Organic Vitamin C – 120 Veg Capsules

MuscleBlaze MB- Vite

 Multivitamin with Immunity Boosters-100% RDA Vitamin C, D, Zinc,120 Tablets

Purna Immunity 

Multivitamin Strawberry Gummies for Women (Vitamins A, C, D, E, B12 and 8 Minerals), 30 Gummy Bears (one per day)

Wellbeing Nutrition 

Daily Greens, Wholefood Multivitamin with Vitamin C, Zinc, B6, B12, Iron for Immunity and Detox with 39+ Organic Certified Plan

Now Foods

 Vitamin C-1000-250 Tablets.

Doctor’S Best 

Vitamin C 1000 Mg – 120 Count

Product Review -13 Best Vitamin c Supplement

1- KIFER Healthgram Vitamin C 500mg

HealthGram brings to you a pack of 100 Vitamin C tablets with Vitamin D3-400 IU and Zinc 7.5 gm. This dietary supplement plays a vital role in the immune system, blood sugar management, dental support, glowing skin, heart health, bone health, improve hair, skin, nail health and support iron absorption. It helps in the production of collagen which is important for skin, bone and joint health. Adding this to your daily diet helps in improving immunity as well as getting glowy skin.
You get these as 10 strips with 10 chewable tablets in each.Overall this price much betterin this category.The taste is a bit weird at first, then it’s ok. But expected a better taste.

2- Boldfit Vitamin C Complex 1000mg tablets

It is an antioxidant that helps support the immune system. Additionally, vitamin C is necessary for the body to produce collagen, which is important for healthy skin. Boldfit Vitamin C 1000mg is ideal for those looking to supplement their diet to meet daily vitamin C nutrient needs.
Boldfit Vitamin C Tablets are non GMO and vegetarian friendly, making them an easy addition to any dietary lifestyle.It is a budget friendly too. 

Daily u can take one capsule. It will boost ur immunity and remove Your hair and skin problems .

It is swallow tablet.

3- Eucee Vitamin C chewable Tablets 500 mg

Loaded with the goodness of Vitamin-C, the tablet is a rich source of antioxidants that adds value to your health and metablism. In general, it fortifies your immunity by helping White Blood Cells perform better. A dose of Vitamin-C added to your everyday routine may even help you maintain cognitive abilities. 

Taste is too sweet.
They use talc and flavor which I am not sure with side-effects. Otherwise its a good product and works as stated.

4- Fast&Up Charge - Vitamin C antioxidant 1000 mg

Fast and Up Charge is a completely natural vitamin C supplement that delivers immunity boosting ingredients like 1000 mg amla and 10 mg zinc to help boost immune activity, support a robust immune response and increase resistance to immune challenges. The addition of key mineral zinc with natural vitamin c provides a complete synergistic immune therapy to the body.

Drop 1 tablet in 250 ml of water, wait till it dissolves completely and drink after any meal. Not to consume on empty stomach.Some of you might not like the taste or feel initial discomfort.

5- Bigmuscles Nutrition Natural Vitamin C & Zinc Tablets

This plant-based dietary supplement is safe for daily use as it does not contain any harmful chemicals.Since the tablet is to be swallowed, flavor is not of any importance but it comes in orange flavor. Vitamin C is important for collagen production, which helps support the health and structure of hair, skin, and nails.

Vitamin C is completely derived from organic sources. Vegan, Soy Free, Dairy Free.

6- Naturyz Double Strength Natural Vitamin C & Zinc Supplement 1250 mg

Double Strength Natural Vitamin C comes from naturally grown Amla and Acerola Cherries to give you the combined benefits of these two antioxidant fruits which are rich in Vitamin C.Why to take Synthetic Vitamin C when you have the option of Naturyz Double Strength Natural Vitamin C which is made from the natural goodness of plants & fruits. Each tablet provides 500mg Phyllantus Emblica (Amla),500mg Acerola Cherry,Citrus Bioflavonoids (Orange & Lemon),Zinc- Assists our body in fighting off common ailments such as the Common cold, flu & infections.

It has to be swallowed

7- Nutrazee Complete Multivitamin Vegetarian Gummies

Nutrazee Multivitamin Gummies are an ideal gummies for kids, teenagers and adults: an effective and great-tasting way to help fulfill nutritional gaps in your diet.
These gummies are uniquely delicious, chewable vitamins, offering a wide range of nutrients in easy-to-chew, orange flavored gummy vitamins in favorite gummy bear shape. Easy to take alternative to pills or syrup.
Contains Natural Color and Natural Flavor. Free of high fructose corn syrup, Gluten free, No dairy products, No eggs, No peanuts, No preservatives, No soy, No wheat, No yeast. No Gelatin.Contain powerful fusion of essential vitamins such as Vitamin A, C, D2, E, B3, B6, B12, biotin and folic acid which are important for growth, development and overall wellness.


8- Himalayan Organics Organic Vitamin C

Himalayan Organics brings to you a pack of 120 veg capsules of Organic Vitamin C. This dietary supplement plays a vital role in the immune system. It helps in the production of collagen which is important for skin, bone and joint health. Adding this to your daily diet helps in improving immunity as well as getting glowing skin.

It contain Moringa Powder which has medical benefits but may has some negative impact on few.

It is advertised as 1000mg/Serve but it is actually 114mg/Serve


9- MuscleBlaze MB- Vite Multivitamin

MuscleBlaze MB-Vite is enriched with 25 essential vitamins and minerals that help in boosting your immunity, energy, and stamina. These micronutrients support various metabolic processes that are crucial for leading a fit and active lifestyle. Vitamin D, Calcium, and Phosphorus help in strengthening your bone.

The product is fortified with some special immunity-boosting micronutrients that improve the health of your immune system. Vitamin C strengthens the body’s defense as it’s a great antioxidant, Vitamin D & E prepares your body to fight against infections Vitamin A has anti-inflammatory properties. Along with the immunity boosting minerals Zinc & Copper, Selenium reduces oxidative stress, preventing cell damage.


10- Purna Immunity Multivitamin

PURNA Women’s Multivitamin gummies are naturally delicious, scientifically formulated and 100% gluten free gummy vitamins. Our blissful strawberry flavored once-a-day multivitamin is as much of a multi functional as you are, with B vitamins to support energy, Vitamin D & calcium to support bone health, along with vitamins A, C & E. These gummy multivitamins are a powerful blend of essential nutrients to up your overall wellness and help fill the gaps when your eating habits are a little less than perfect choose to see the good stuff. Purna Gummies make it easy to be healthy and maintain your metabolism to keep you on the right track.

The vitamin ratios are too low to consider this product as a multivitamin.

Each gummy packed in one separate plastic wrap – these altogether come in a plastic bottle, packed in a paper box, bubble wrapped and packed in another box filled with papers.


11- Wellbeing Nutrition Daily Greens, Wholefood Multivitamin

Each tablet contains natural and whole food derived nutrition – as much Vitamin B12 as 4 Glasses of milk, Vitamin B6 as 7 cups of lima beans, Vitamin C as 6 oranges, Vitamin B3 as 6 carrots, Vitamin B5 as 15 cups broccoli, Iron as 2 cups of spinach, Zinc as 8 cups of sparagus, Fibre as ½ cup oats. It also contains Calcium, Potassium, Manganese, Selenium.
These are not capsules but effervescent tablets that you need to dissolve in 200-250ml of regular / cold water – wait till its completely dissolved and then drinks Each tube has 15 delicious effervescent tablets.
15 tablets per tube which is little less.

12- Now Foods Vitamin C-1000

OneTablet Amount Per Serving % Daily Value Vitamin C (as Ascorbic Acid) 1.0 g (1,000 mg) 1667% Rose Hips Powder (Rosae pseudofructus) (seed) 25 mg  Daily Value not established. Other Ingredients Cellulose, magnesium stearate (vegetable source) and vegetable coating. Contains no sugar, salt, starch, yeast, wheat, gluten, soy, milk, egg, shellfish, or preservatives. Vegetarian/vegan product.
Product is good but costlier than other competitive product.

13- Doctor'S Best Vitamin C 1000 Mg

Supplement Facts Serving Size: 1 capsule Servings Per Container: 120 servings Amount per serving percent Daily Value Vitamin C (as Quali-C ascorbic acid) 1000 mg 1667 percent . Other Ingredients Modified cellulose (vegetarian capsule). Contains nothing other than listed ingredients.est vitamin c featuring quali-c provides a brand of ascorbic acid manufactured in scotland prized for its quality and reliability. Ascorbic acid is invaluable to the body for its role as an electron donor, supporting numerous metabolic enzymes in addition to enhancing the body’s total antioxidant potential. 

Essential for the synthesis of collagen, carnitine, and certain neurotransmitters, ascorbic acid can also aid in iron absorption. Research suggests that this vitamin supports many additional areas of health, including the cardiovascular and immune systems.

Good product but expensive. 


Keeping your immune system healthy year-round is key to preventing infection and disease. Making healthy lifestyle choices by consuming nutritious foods and getting enough sleep and exercise are the most important ways to boost immune system.

In addition, research has shown that supplementing with certain vitamins, minerals, herbs, and other substances can improve immune response and potentially protect against illness.

However, note that some supplements can interact with prescription or over-the-counter medications you’re taking. Some may not be appropriate for people with certain health conditions. Be sure to talk with your healthcare provider before starting any supplements.



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