Best Stepper for aerobics and Cardio for home

Best Stepper for aerobics and Cardio form home

Aerobic steppers are the great at-home workout tool to improve your cardiovascular system .These steppers for aerobics have been used in many kinds of workouts. They are great for cardio workouts which improve your leg strength and balance. We have reviewed and compared the Best Stepper for aerobics and Cardio for home so you can work out safely without slipping.

Aerobic steppers first came about in fitness history when people wanted a simple and inexpensive tool for getting their heart rate up and breaking a sweat.

Step aerobics has all the benefits of a high-intensity cardio workout without putting stress on your joints. It improves overall fitness by building strength by reducing fat, and boosting your cardiovascular health.

Best Stepper For Aerobics And Cardio For Home ​

1- Strauss Aerobic Stepper

STRAUSS aerobic stepper can be adjusted height from 4”-6”as per your need and intensity of workout.The surface is non-sticky and absorb shock, which helps to exercise safely. 

The product, is made up of heavy duty polypropylene.

Platform Size: 30.5″ × 11.4″ × 3.9″ (L × W × H)
The stepper is strong and well build. Lightweight and it has good non-slippery top surface. It has good grip on floor and do not put any scratch on floor. You might feel that product it is a bit on the higher side but then any good quality stepper is more than this price so there is no alternative but to go with it.
The product comes with extra two attachments to increase the height.
It would be better if the height can increase little more or if the product have one more attachment. You should check shoe size and the width of the product as for some of you might feel that width is a bit less.

2- ABB INITIO Fitness Stepper

ABB INITIO Step for aerobic platform surface is non-stick, non-slip, and shock absorbing, Ideal for cardio workout and to strengthen your lower body. Heavy-duty polypropylene material gives the stepper a high 440 lb weight capacity
Underneath you’ll find the rubber feet which prevent slipping and absorb impact. The textured surface provides considerable grip so you can focus on your form and positioning.
Platform Size: 68 cmx 28 cm x 15cm (L × W × H)
The product is sturdy lightweight durable and does not move during your workout. For this price, it is good. Long enough for most of the aerobic moves.

Width may be a bit short but not a major concern.

3- ElectroBot Sport Adjustable Exercise Equipment Step Platform

ElectroBot Sport Adjustable Exercise Equipment Step Platform is robust and sturdy and the height can be adjusted form 4” to 6”.It is non-slippery base. 

It is good for simple aerobic steps but you cannot do any heavy jumping exercises as it may break.
Platform Size : 68CM X 28.5CM X 10.5-15CM (L × W × H)

Sometime the supporter are not fitting properly so you have be little careful while assembling it. Product is made from plastic
Overall good product for home use.

This is a light weight product and has good grip on the surface.


best stepper

4- Kobo AS-2 Aerobic Step Board Ab Care Rocket Stepper Gym

Kobo AS-2 Aerobic Step Board Ab Care Rocket Stepper Gym  has 3 height level 10 – 15 – 20 cm adjustable height block .

This has non slip surface to give more safe grip shock absorbent surface great for fitness, toning or exercise purpose .
The risers securely fit together and can be stored under the platform for easy transportation made of durable, heavy duty shock-absorbing plastic aerobic step fitness equipment with wide platform and 2 sets of risers ideal for both men and women
This stepper is good for workouts even intense because of its strong structure and anti skid surface. It’s quite thick in size.and quite strong.


5- Reebok RAP-11150BL Stepper

Reebok RAP-11150BL Stepper can be Adjusted to 3 different heights: 15, 20, 25cm comes with workout and secure non-slip feet
Textured workout surface for additional grip and functionality. It has Simple click and lock feet adjustment
Platform Size 102 (L) x 38.5 (W) x 25 (H) cm

Everything is good about this product and it is quite heavy on price. These type of product last for years.
It will give you the max width, height and length in its category.

With 7 KM weight the product is definitely not light weight but it is the most solid one.

Conclusion : Best Stepper for aerobics and Cardio

Stepper is an integral part of any aerobics and cardio exercise. Once you are buy it you have to consider the fact that you will gain strength and stamina and you stepper should able to handle that progress.

We have selected Reebok RAP-11150BL Stepper as our best because it has proven record of its durability, gives you maximum height of 25 cm and a solid grip on surface.


How to select best stepper for aerobics

Before making decision to buy check and compare the following points

  1. Slip Resistant Surface
    This is one of the most important factor to consider.The Stepper has top surface with anti slip material or design which prevent form slip which can be dangerous. Also need to check the bottom contact which also has anti skid material to prevent stepper movement during the exercise.
  2. Sturdy Body And Base
    The body should able to handle you exercise pressure, your moderate jumps and should last.
  3. Adjustable Heights
    Different stepper comes with different adjustable height such as 15cm, 20cm, 25cm. It is good to have maximum adjustable height as you may you these stepper in other form of exercise too.
  4. Length
    Generally we ignore the length when comes to stepper but it also play an important role.Shorter the length increase the chance of dis-balance.
  5. Weight Capacity
    Check the weight capacity. Most of the decent brands have the weight capacity around 100 kgs.
  6. Materials
    Stepper come in many different types of materials. The inexpensive and durable ones are generally made of high-quality plastic. They are often very durable and can withstand movements and impact. Some other are made of fiberglass or metal. They are slightly heavier but lasting in their design.
  7. Price And Warranty

How to Use Steppers for aerobic and cardio

  1. Use a non-slip surface and non slip board.Chose a even surface to place the stepper.
  2. Adjust the height of your step to the height of your step can range from 4 to 10 inches high depending on your fitness and skill levels. Lower the height if you experience pain or discomfort. Gradually increase the height if you are a beginner. You knee joint should not bend more than 90 degrees.
  3. Practice your form and posture and try to maintain good posture and alignment by gently engaging your abdominal and gluteal muscles. Keep your chest lifted as you draw your shoulders back and down, tucking your pelvis slightly under. Keep your neck straight and relaxed.
  4. Use your ankles and legs to step up, bend from your ankles rather than your waist. Press firmly into your grounded foot as you lift the other to step up. This prevents you from putting too much stress on your lower back.
  5. Take a complete step and place your entire foot on the step without any part hanging over the edge.
  6. Step softly on you feet while stepping.
  7. Take small steps when stepping down, place your feet no further than one shoe length away from the platform and press into your heels for shock absorption. If a move requires you to step further back, press into the front of your foot.
  8. Get comfortable with the footwork and make sure you have a solid handle of the footwork before adding in anything extra. Start in a beginner class until you get the hang of it and want to advance your practice.
  9. You arm movement will give you extra balance.

Benefits of aerobic Stepper

There are many direst and indirect benefits of aerobic stepper.This exercising tool can be used by anyone, and they are very handy to use.You just need to see few videos and you can start.Simply stepping up and down onto some steps for 45 minutes will burn up to 450 calories and will keep you in good shape. A simple step up routine will train your heart, lungs, bones, muscles

  1. It is great for your cardio muscular health.Doing step-up and step-down will make you lungs and heart strong.
  2. Make you leg muscles strong and makes it more flexible.
  3. It is a great way to lose weight and burn fat.You can burn 450 calories in just 45 minutes.
  4. This is a low impact exercise and if done properly, has no or very few chances of injury.
  5. It improves you mood.You can do these exercise with alone or in a group.
  6. With regular use will help to develop stamina and a great way to warm-up.

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