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Oral, Axillary, Rectal And Non-Contact Thermometer

best digital thermometer for fever

Do You Know?Body temperature indicate many facts about health and it is the  indication that you body is fighting.Here you will find Best Digital Thermometer in India and different types Oral, Axillary, Rectal, and Non-Contact thermometers.

Please read till end to know fact about human body temperature and ways to measure it.

A digital thermometer is the most accurate and quickest way to take a temperature. Digital thermometers are available in most drug stores, online and supermarket pharmacies. 


A person has a fever if their body temperature rises above the normal range of 98–100°F (36–37°C). It is a common sign of an infection.

Source : Wikipedia 

5 BEST selling thermometer in India

Table Of Content: 

  1. Type Of Digital Thermometer
  2.  Best Digital Thermometer 
  3.  Conclusion : Best Digital Thermometer for fever
  4. Cause Of Rise In Body Temperature (Fever)
  5. Some Of The Common Symptoms Of Fever (High Body Temperature)
  6. Which type of thermometer to use?
  7. How to use using digital thermometer?
  8. What Type Of Thermometers Is Best For Babies?
  9. What Is Rectum Temperature And Rectum Thermometer?
  10. What Is Mouth Or Oral Temperature And Oral Thermometer?
  11. What Is Ear Or Tympanic Temperature And Tympanic Thermometer?
  12. What is normal body temperature?
  13. Does temperature are same for all ages?

Type of Digital Thermometer for fever

Digital Thermometer for fever can be classified broadly two type

  1. Contact Thermometer : These type of thermometer need to get in contact with body to measure the temperature. Such as Oral thermometer, Armpit thermometer etc.
  2. Non- Contact Thermometer : Theses type of thermometer can read the body temperature without touching the body.It primarily  work on infrared.
Based on Use we can also categories as below
  1. Rectum Thermometer (for rectal temperature)
  2.  Oral Thermometer (for oral temperature)
  3.  Axillary Thermometer (for arm temperature)
  4. Ear Thermometer (tympanic temperature)

Best Digital thermometer in india

1- Dr Trust (Usa) Waterproof Flexible Tip Digital Thermometer

Key Feature:

  • One button Operation
  • Flexible Tip
  • Good Accuracy
  • Water Resistance
  • For Kids and Adult  use
  • Completion Beep
  • Durable and Easy to Use.


Dr Trust (Usa) Waterproof Flexible Tip Digital Thermometer Comes In White Colour. Flexible Soft Tip Fits Naturally Under Tongue Or Under Arm. Flexible Probe Conforms The Mouth. No Hazard Compared To Broken Mercury Glass Thermometers.

2- Rossmax TG380 Flexi Tip Digital Thermometer

Key Feature:

  • Flexible Tip
  • Fever Alarm
  • Water Resistance
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • For All age
  • Auto Off
  • Simple and Easy to Use.


Flexible tip with waterproof body made of high quality plastic finished in matte texture gives it a sturdy grip when placed against the skin. The fever arm is decked with adjustments to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit. The Flexi Tip Thermometer from Rossmax comes with smart technology that highlights low battery life and has a quick shut-off mode after 10 seconds display.

Accurate and no use of mercury makes the device highly desirable and can be used for infants and pregnant women as well. 

3- Vandelay Infrared Thermometer

  • Non Contact and Accurate Readings : Non-contact infrared measurement. Measuring distance is under 1-2inch, while avoiding cross infection. The forehead thermometer medical has been clinically tested, and has a very small error margin. It is actually more accurate and healthier than standard mercury thermometers.
  • Sound Alarm : High-accuracy infrared measurement, when the temperature is over, audible alert will trigger. The HD LED screen displays clear and crisp numbers that are easy to read.

4- Beurer 79518 Infrared Multi Functional Thermometer with 6in1

  • The Beurer 79518 Multi-Functional Infrared Thermometer is a smart medical device that has been developed to measure the user’s forehead temperature or the surface temperature of objects and liquids in seconds. Additionally, it comes with a large, easy-to-read digital screen to display the readings.
  • 6 in 1: Measurement within seconds in the ear, Forehead temperature measurement in seconds, Surface temperature of objects and liquids, Optical high temperature alarm, Date and Time, 10 memory spaces
  • Suitable for the whole family
  • Large, easy-to-read display
  • Indication of normal or hightened temperature via coloured LED: Green = everything OK, Red = fever alarm (over 38°C / 100.4°F)

5- Omron MC 720 Non Contact Digital Infrared Forehead Thermometer

  • Omron MC-720 non-contact Forehead Thermometer Provides fast forehead temperature measurement, suitable for all ages, including infants and young children. 3 measurement modes: Forehead (body) Temperature | Room Temperature | Surface Temperature (such as a baby bath or bottle).
  • Easily switch between Farenheit and Celsius
  • One Second Reading
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty from date of purchase

6- beurer OT20-79138 Ot20 Ovulation Checking Thermometer

  • Contact-measurement technology, suitable for oral and vaginal measurements
  • Extra-flexible measuring tip
  • Acoustic signal when measurement is complete
  • Free download of the “ovy” App, compatible with IOS 10 and android 5.0 or above
  • Automatic switch off, 1 memory space

5 top selling thermometer in India

Conclusion : Best Digital Thermometer

Below are the two best thermometer based on features,ease to use and all age usage

Segun Infrared Forehead Thermometer For Adults And Babies & IProven Professional Forehead And Ear Thermometer

We request you to please read user manual and consult you doctor if you find any temperature above normal.
Do not self meditate.

Cause of rise in Body Temperature (Fever)

There are many factors which may cause rise in body temperature.

Follow are some of the reasons :

  • An infection, such as strep throat, the flu, chickenpox, pneumonia, or COVID-19
  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • some medications
  • overexposing the skin to sunlight, or sunburn
  • heatstroke, either due to high ambient temperatures or prolonged strenuous exercise
  • dehydration
  • silicosis, which is a type of lung disease caused by long-term exposure to silica dust
  • amphetamine abuse
  • alcohol withdrawal

Some of the common symptoms of fever (high body temperature)

Some of the common symptoms are listed below:

  • Shiver and feel cold when nobody else does
  • Sweating
  • Loss of appetite
  • Show signs of dehydration
  • Increased sensitivity to pain
  • lack energy and feel sleepy
  • Not able to  concentrating

Which type of thermometer to use?

To take a temperature, most people now use a digital thermometer. Experts do not recommend using a glass thermometer, as these can be dangerous. Some people use a forehead strip, but these may be less accurate.

How to use digital thermometer?

To use a digital device:

  • A person can put a thermometer under their arm or in their mouth.
  • Clean the tip using cold water and soap, and then rinse it.
  • Turn on the device.
  • Place the tip under the tongue, toward the back of the mouth, and close the mouth. Or, place it under the armpit and hold the device close to the body.
  • Wait until there is a flash or the thermometer beeps.
  • Read the temperature.
    Normal armpit temperature will be around 0.5 to 0.9ºF (0.3 to 0.5°C) lower than oral temperature.

If the reading is 100.4°F (38°C) or above, the person has a fever

For Infrared Non Contact thermometer you have to point the thermometer on forehead and keep it steady 1sec to 3sec as per devise instruction.

It is recommend to read user manual as different brands has different parameter.

What type of Digital thermometers is best for babies?

Thermometers with Digital Infrared are most suited for babies and infants. These types of thermometers do not require physical contact for reading the temperature. One just has to hover the thermometer over the forehead or ear lobe of the baby and the infrared technology device will catch the temperature.

What is rectum temperature and rectum thermometer?

Rectum temperature is take for the babies generally less then 3 year old.The rectum is the end of the bowel.
Rectum thermometers are generally have long tips and can be digital or Mercury based.

What is Mouth or Oral Temperature and Oral thermometer?

Most common practice to take body temperature is through oral thermometer. An oral temperature is when the mouth is used to take your temperature. A thermometer is used to take your temperature in your mouth. A person should be old enough to hold the thermometer properly in his mouth to have a temperature taken in the mouth.
But now is not recommended to use oral thermometer as far as possible.Body temperature is generally one degree less than oral temperature.

What is Armpit or Axillary temperature and Axillary Thermometer ?

A normal axillary temperature is between 96.6° (35.9° C) and 98° F (36.7° C). The normal axillary temperature is usually a degree lower than the oral (by mouth) temperature. The axillary temperature may be as much as two degrees lower than the rectal temperature.

What is Ear or tympanic temperature and tympanic thermometer?

Tympanic thermometers are usually small hand-held devices with a probe that is inserted into the patient’s ear canal to take body Temperature.

What is normal body temperature?

Normal Body termprature are not same for everyone. Yours could be a whole degree different than someone else’s. A German doctor in the 19th century set the standard at 98.6 F, but more recent studies say the baseline for most people is closer to 98.2 F.
Typical body adult temperature can be anywhere from 97 F to 99 F. Babies and children have a little higher range: 97.9 F.

Your temperature doesn’t stay same all day, and it will vary throughout your lifetime, too

Does temperature are same for all ages?

The average body temperatures based on age are estimated as:

  1. In babies and children, the average body temperature ranges from 97.9°F (36.6°C) to 99°F (37.2°C).
  2. Adults have average body temperature ranges from 97°F (36.1°C) to 99°F (37.2°C).
  3. Older adults more then 65 years the average body temperature is lower than 98.6°F (36.2°C)

Keep in mind that normal body temperature varies from person to person. Your body temperature might be up to 1°F (0.6°C) higher or lower than the guidelines above. Identifying your own normal range can make it easier to know when you have a fever.Consult you doctor for details and verification

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