Benefits of cycling

benefits of cycling

Most of us have done cycling in some part of our life. There are numerous health benefits of cycling which most of us do not know.
We need to be physically active to be healthy and this can protect us from many serious diseases such as obesity, heart diseases, mental illness, diabetes, and many more. Riding bicycles regularly is the most effective way to be physically active. Cycling is low impact exercise, it is low cost and can be done by all age groups.
The benefits of cycling are both healthy and good for our environment also. Billions of people use bicycles in there day today life.

Benefits of cycling

  • It is a Low impact which helps us to prevent injuries and causes fewer strains on our lower part of the body and hence it is safe as compared to many exercises and sports which we do.
  • Cycling involve all major muscle groups and it is easy as we do not need any special skill or support.
  • Regular cycling increase strength and stamina. You can make it intense as your stamina and strength without any external support or equipment. Cycling can be fun and adventurous.
  • You can perform some of the outdoor works if you are willing to avoid your car and motorbikes.

Health Benefits of cycling regularly

Cycling falls under aerobic activity which involves your heart, blood vessels, lungs. Some of the health benefits of cycling are:

  •  It promotes your cardiovascular strength.
  • Increases your flexibility and strength.
  • Improve joint mobility and posture.
  • Reduces fat.
  • Strengthen bones.
  • Reduces stress, anxiety, and depression.

What body parts benefit from cycling?

Here are seven areas you work on and how you use them while you’re cycling. Benefits of cycling may include

  • Core. Use your core to stabilize your body throughout the class, which helps to achieve overall balance, especially when you’re standing.
  • Upper body.
  • Back.
  • Glutes.
  • Quadriceps.
  • Hamstrings.
  • Lower legs.

Must have cyclic accessories under 1000

Below are 10 Best Bicycle accessories you must have.

Strauss Cycling Helmet

  • Material – PC & EPS foam
  • Adjustable – This adult cycling helmet comes with a standard size, equipped with the easy-use dial system and side straps makes this nutcase helmet adjustable to different head sizes
  • Lightweight – This biking helmet is made of lightweight material; the inner pad uses breathable material for a comfort wear.
  • Ventilation – Honeycomb type 18 vents. The adoption of specialized aerodynamic and ventilation design allows air to go through the biking helmet which helps in increasing the speed and keeps it cool and comfortable to wear

Bike Front Bag, Outgeek Bicycle Bag Waterproof Bike Phone Mount Top Tube Bag Bike Phone Case Holder with Touch Screen Under 6 inch Phone

  • Bike storage bag made of waterproof polyester. Seamless double zipper design can perfectly protect your mobile phone in rainy days.Durable,shock-proof and not deformed.
  • There is a hidden earphone hole at the bottom of the bicycle phone bag,which allows you to answer the phone and enjoy music freely while riding.There is a sun visor at the top,which can better let you see the phone clearly when riding on a sunny day.Screen without reflection.
  • The bicycle bag has a waterproof,highly sensitive and transparent TPU film window,which can help you easily use your phone when riding. The internal has a Velcro to keep your phone stable. Let you see your phone screen clearly And operate your phone.

FASTPED USB rechargeable Bike Horn and Light 140 DB with Light 3 Modes Super Bright 250 Lumens

  • Premium Quality Bicycle Horn Light, Which fulfils the need of extra light when riding at night with 5 different Horn sounds and 3 different light options. that lets you see the road clearly while riding at night.
  • USB rechargeable.
  • Easily install and convenient use.
  • bike front light Excellent performance.
  • 140dB bicycle horn super loud.
  • 15.4 inch length of button wire.
  • easily to mount on any place of the handlebar for convenient usage.
  • Mounting bracket is retractable silicon rubber belt.
  • 250 lumen bicycle front light.

Dark Horse Bicycle Atom Mudguard with Reflective Tape, Black-Red

  • The bicycle fender is durable and made of high quality plastic material, it comes with reflective tapes on both front and rear which ensures a safe ride. Mudguards gives protection from dirt and spray kicked from the wheels while riding a bike. Easily attachable on the cycle. Unbreakable quality which comes with fitting fasteners.Material: Plastic
  • Color: Black-Red
  • Unbreakable Quality
  • Package Content: 1 Front & Rear Mudguard, 1 Clamp, 1 Set of fitting fasteners
  • Size: Universal

QTOX Portable Mini Bike Pump/Cycle Pump Foot Activated with Pressure Gauge Floor Bicycle Pump

  • 1 X Foot Pump Lightweight Portable- With the great performance, it’s convenient for you to carry around, completely get rid of flat tire even outdoors.
  • High-quality Material- With sturdy aluminium alloy tube, firm plastic base and durable pump head, provides you with lasting use.
  • Quick release thumb lock valve. Comes with free special adapters for bicycles and inflatable toys Trustworthy Performance- With a reasonably accurate gauge, provides you a guideline to detect the air pressure, avoid insufficient air or puncture.

Cycling Shorts, Ohuhu 3D Padded Cycle Shorts Underwear for Cycling, Padded Bicycle Bike Shorts, Cycle Padded Shorts, Gel Cycling Shorts, Breathable, Lightweight, Cycle Accessories for Men & Women

  • SOFT, COMFORTABLE AND RELIEVE YOUR PAIN: Increase comfort on longer rides by reducing chafing and providing shock-absorbing padding
  • 3D PADDING: Silica GEL pad provides cushioning even while cycling for long distances
  • BREATHABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT: 90% Polyester&10%Spandex design providing super flexibility
  • SWEAT RESISTANT: Flexible mesh dissipates heat and moisture and keeping your body dry

Pidilite WD-40, Multipurpose Spray, 420ml Rust Remover, Lubricant, Stain Remover, Degreaser, and Cleaning Agent

  • The Pidilite WD-40 Multipurpose spray can be used for multiple maintenance requirements.
  • It is the perfect accessory to keep your home, vehicles, cycle and any other utilities running smoothly with less wear and tear.
  • This all-purpose maintenance spray is a great product for high-class maintenance of surfaces of household items, car, bike, and other commercial purposes.
  • WD40 is also great when it comes to removing tough stains, grease, grime, and other marks from most surfaces. Gets under dirt, marks, and grease, making it easy to wipe them away.
  • Lubricates and holds firmly to all moving parts like door hinges and latches, window & drawer channels, and any other moving parts. 

Lista Bicycle LED Head Light USB Rechargeable Light Cycling Lamp Head Light Tail Light (red)

  • USB Rechargeable – No Batteries Needed
  • WATERPROOF – Can be Used During Rain!
  • Long Lasting Battery – Upto 5 Hours flashing and 4 Hours Constant mode
  • 4 Types of Flashing Modes – Steady/ Low Flashing/ Flashing/ Strobe
  • Easy to Install + Very Handy+ Portable + Best in the Category.

Strauss Bicycle Repair Toolkit

  • Sturdy it is made of high quality stainless steel, durable, convenient and high functional, perfect accessories for general bike repairing
  • 16 in 1 multi-function motorcycle bicycle mechanic repair tool kit with portable and compact screwdriver nut driver for any emergency
  • During your cycling and must-have regular maintenance and emergency repair tool for bicycle/motorcycle enthusiasts
  • It is a nice little repair kit while has everything you need to get you bicycle back on the road
  • Socket extension rod, solid wrench 8/10/15/mm, hex key wrench 2/2.5/3/4/5/6mm, spoke wrench when fully folded, portable for outside riding
  • Unique design aerodynamic wedge shape seat tail pouch with an inside main pocket and auxiliary mesh pocket
  • In-Box Contents: 1 Piece Tool Kit

Strauss Bicycle Bottle Holder

  • Upgraded grip – this bottle cage is upgraded clamp with a rubber pad
  • Expanded size – this quick release bottle cage fits for most standard-sized water bottles. 2.5 inch – 3.3 inch bottle in diameter
  • No tool needed – the clamp of the bottle cage is designed for easy to installation and remove, no tool needed
  • Versatile and practical – this bottle cage is available for being fixed onto any bars, such as handlebar, down tube, fork, front pipe of bike
  • Material: Plastic

Can you lose belly fat by cycling?

Yes, though cycling does not directly work on your belly, it is reducing overall fat that includes belly fat also.

How much should you cycle a day?

On average cycling burns 50% more calories than walking. 30 minutes of moderate cycling burns approximately 200 calories.
You should start with checking your existing stamina and increase slowly to your daily goal and fitness target.

Does cycling lose weight?

Cycling can be a great way to lose weight, whether you’re just starting out or are looking to use your cycling as a way to trim up and shift a few pounds.

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