9 tips for work from home


Work from home was exciting for first 2 days.

Third day I was struggling to find a space to sit and do my conference calls, comfortably. Finally, got one but soon I realized, that comfortable space has no power plug point!!!

It took me a week to make my Work from home both productive and comfortable.

Work from home is going to be integral part of work life. I am sharing my learning so it may save you, your some time.

1-            Establish a Designated workplace.

This will help to organize yourself and will indicate you and other that you are working.

2-            Make To Do List.

Having a to do list will keep you organize throughout the day and it will give you the momentum to start the day. Also, end of the day you can use it to measure your productivity.

3-            Make Schedule for Everything.

This will be helping you to what to do when and priorities you work.

4-            Use Video Conferencing.

Face to face communication is most effective. It will ensure you massage is delivered in the way it should be.

5-            Take Small Breaks.

Work for home or not, this is an effective way to keep yourself relaxed.

Make sure these breaks are SMALL.

6-            Eat Healthy and Keep yourself hydrate.

Healthy and nutritious food will help to keep you active and fresh for longer period.

7-            Keep You Work Place Clean.

You can start working straight away, if your workplace is clean and organized, otherwise you will waste lot of time cleaning before you start your work.

8-            Exercise Daily.

Work from home may limit you physical movement. Exercise will keep you fit.

9-            Maintain Start Work Time and End Work Time.

You want to be undisturbed and focus, define your working time and maintain it. You will see its benefit within few days.


Work from home like other things in life, need self-discipline and control.

Faster you set you workplace easier it will be. Eating healthy and exercise will keep you active.

Productive depends on how organize you are when it comes to working from home.